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Students performing on stage

Supported by our talented and dedicated faculty, 开普菲尔学院屡获殊荣的美术系为学生提供了无数的艺术机会,以培养他们对艺术的热情.


Students on stage for a performance
student working on a technical project
  • 100%的PreK到6年级的学生和超过60%的7 -12年级的学生参加艺术
  • The Erin E. McNeill Fine Arts Center contains the 625-seat Brown Family Theatre, 2 arts studios, 2 music rooms, and the Benedict Fancy Set Design Workshop
Quote 1

The arts program is really important to me, 我认为CFA在将每个人以某种方式融入艺术方面做得很好,从合唱到舞台表演再到视觉艺术. 

Aurelia, Class of 2023

Quote 2

从低年级的小小探索者到高年级的高年级学生, CFA的学生可以参与我们屡获殊荣的美术系课程. 从表演艺术到视觉和媒体艺术,CFA提供全面的艺术教育."

Alexa Skelly, Chorus Director

Quote 3

开普菲尔学院的美术社区是由参与校园周围无数其他活动的人组成的, from future collegiate athletes to people on the robotics team, 但我们作为一个美术团体聚集在一起,创造了这些令人惊叹的作品.

William, Class of 2021

Fine Arts at Cape Fear Academy

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